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sensible innovation

We design and manufacture sensible innovative products and services with high technological content such as sensory objects and tools, design elements for people with or without disabilities aiming at the improvement of their life; we promote social inclusion through the application of developmental, behavioral and learning methodologies. Our aim is to step further beyond data collection towards an interconnected family of products that engage with the wearer augmenting or mitigating sensory perception.



Sensewear is an inclusive collection of clothes and accessories that emphasize the use of senses. Their primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of our senses, while training us to better use them all. Some Sensewear items are designed to mute physical sensations, some to sharpen them. The collection is inspired by therapies applied to Sensory Processing Disorders and developed with the technical support of therapists assisting people affected with autism. Sensewear has been created by Emanuela and Ivan and implemented with technology with the support of Comftech.  




The second generation of prototypes, founded by WEAR sustain an EU program part of Health 2020, includes Senseme, a smart t-shirt that monitor heartbeat, breath rate and movement, sending data to an application that records sessions and triggers other garments’ functionality according to adjustable values. Out of the previous collection two special garments have been upgraded with tech. Pumpme, the inflatable jumper now inflates autonomously or operates remotely through the application. Biteme has been transformed into a multifunctional object that can support the caretaker monitoring usage and facilitating communication.



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Lovewear is a smart underwear that helps people of all abilities to self-explore and enhance their own intimacy and sexuality. Lovewear wants to empower the wearer through a tactile experience achieved by soft robotics, through the interaction with a connected ‘console’ pillow. The wearer can hug, cuddle, caress, press this interface as a surrogate for human contact or just explore its surface as he would explore his own body, facilitating gestures. Lovewear has been founded by Re-Fream, Starts and the European Commission in collaboration with Wear It Berlin through the technical support of Fraunhofer IZM.


our competencies

Witsense is the melting pot of different competencies.

Its founders are Alessia Moltani, Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati.

Alessia Moltani is the CEO and founder of ComfTech, company specialized in wearable biomedical systems. In collaboration with Universities and  Institutions they develop wearable monitoring systems with several applications.

Emanuela Corti is trained in furniture and textiles but worked in several field as trend researcher, strategist, interior designer, educator. Her expertise encourage the exploration at the intersection of product design and fashion.

Ivan Parati has a multifaceted experience in product, interior design, furniture, branding, interaction, generative design, and digital fabrication. He is expert in modular structures and patterns that uses to generate innovative open source products and enhance material performances.



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